Friday, September 02, 2005

Parents needlessly Stressed by "Non Stress" Test. . .

Well little Calvin has done a great job of stressing his soon-to-be parents!  Today we had Amy's last scheduled doctor's appointment.  At the appointment the doctor was unable to hear Calvin's heartbeat enough for her fetal heart monitor to catch it, so we were bundled off to the Hospital so that they could put Amy on a fetal monitor to check things out.  This test is aptly named the "Non Stress Test" as apparently the baby is not stressed by it at all.  However, the dad to be, me and the mom to be, Amy were plenty stressed for everyone!  (A "Stress Test", for those that wish to know, is when they give the mom trace amounts of a drug to induce labor a bit and then monitor how the baby reacts)

Long story short, both Baby and parents-to-be are all doing fine.  Calvin's heartbeat is doing great and other than me not feeding Amy breakfast everything is on track.  (yeah, apparently one of my newest jobs is to force feed the mom-to-be even when she is not hungry ...who knew?!)


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