Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Ari came in this past weekend, and Cal got some good Saba & Softa time too as a bonus. Saturday night we went to Dina's & enjoyed yet another feast, and Cal slept in the pack n play pretty much the whole delicious time. The huge snowstorm came & Dan got to use his snowblower, and Ari helped him shovel. Monday, I got a bonus day off from work which canceled because of the previous nights snow, and Calvin still went to daycare. I got to do some errands Cal-free ;-) Today they had a valentine party at his daycare, and he brought home a big bag full of treats and cards. He is getting really good at entertaining himself for 10 minutes at a time. He sucks his fingers, loves his toys & books, and laughs when I blow him a kiss.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Valentines

Ellen & Georgia joined us for new moms group on Wed, and Friday we went to a Valentines day music hour at the Brigham House assisted living home. After the music, we handed out valentines and then some moms came over. More later..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mama's Boy

Daddy's Boy

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Catch up

So now that we have all been sick for a week, time to catch up. Last weekend, we went to CT to visit with Great Grandma Annette. We slept over at Grandma's house on Saturday, and kicked her out Sat. night so Aimee and John could visit. Then we went to Great Grandmas on Sunday, and she was so thrilled. She showed off Cal in the dining room so all her friends could see, and he smiled the whole time and really hammed it up. On the way home we stopped at Softa and Saba's house for dinner, and the Feins and Steins stopped in to see the little guy too. That night in Boston, we started to feel sore throats coming on, and within a day it was full fledged colds for me and Cal. Dan seemed to just stick with the sore throat. We played low for the rest of the week, but continued to go to work, and daycare. Thursday I went to a lecture on Raising Sons: A Mothers' Perspective without the boys, and last night we stayed in. Today, who knows whats in store - but we will go out soon, because I want to find an exersaucer for Cal. He has been sitting up for over 60 seconds now, and is really strong - standing on his legs with support, and grabbing at his heavier toys and books. Yesterday I fed him sweet potatoes for the first time, and he really seemed to enjoy them. He ate them all. He is really swallowing now too.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Curse of the Daycare!

It was a dark and rainy Friday morning.  All through the previous night, a baby was coughing, mother was sniffling and father was wondering when he too is going to succumb to The Curse of the Daycare!  Well we are now fully into this wonderful virus experiment called Daycare.  I can finally understand the human child Petri dish condition.  It is amazing how fast it happens.  I guess our son is finally old enough to play with the same toys the other children are sneezing on.  How proud I am!


Alright, on a better note Calvin is actually doing some amazing things even with a head cold!  His attention span has exponentially increased.  He is now able to be plopped into a sitting position and presented toys to play with.  This is actually providing minutes of entertainment for mom and I.  His smiles too have increased and I would swear that he has been laughing at the funny things I do, even when I’m not trying to be funny!


Wish us all well…