Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Hamptons Shots

The hamptons

We recently attended John & Amy's wedding in Bridgehampton. We stayed in a 11 bedroom house with a private pool, jacuzzi, and tennis court. It was so much fun - Cal loved the pool, and we never had to 'leave the party' for nap time. It was all at the house. To be fair, we left twice - once for the wedding, and once for a sunset beach clambake. These are some great shots Rob took.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Almost 2

Its AMAZING how quickly time floats by when your busy chasing a toddler. Calvin is a wonderful little guy - he is funny, loves to sing and dance, climb, and play ball. He is talking small sentences, and running all over the place. He enjoys getting tickled, snuggles, and playing with water. We take swim lessons, go to several playgroups where we enjoy music and art and climbing, and go to the playground almost everyday.