Monday, July 31, 2006

It was really nice to spend time with granny, grandma and the babies. We had extended family come visit on Saturday and got to meet Ellen and Pauls new addition, baby Noah, and on Sunday we went to Winding trails which was the perfect Sunday morning, and the cousin boys went swimming together in the lake. Also Dan, who stayed home, painted the garage this weekend with the help of many friends, and it looks brand new.

Wednesdays Rule

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Calvin gets to everywhere he wants to go. He is pulling up on things, and babbling all sorts of important babbles. Not walking yet, no more teeth yet, but both of these milestones are coming up. Today at new Moms group, Calvin was looking a 4 month old Skyler and watching her. He then screamed "Bay - Bee" and everyone looked- it was his first real word (besides Da-da-da-da). We then all clapped - babies too, and said Hooray! He is waving at people and dancing, and laughs and giggles often. Also, he loves music. He will drum for a long time and giggle at himself.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Great Great Aunt Inez & Uncle Eddie!

I had to work a tradeshow this past week in San Diego, and took Grandma and Cal with me for the journey. Cal did great on the plane - such a good boy. While there, we got to visit with Great Great Aunt and Uncle Inez and Eddie. Cal had a really good time playing with them. We also visited Seaworld where Cal slept through the Shamu Splash & Show. He also has perfected his clap, and waves hi and bye to people. It is such fun.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Calvin's first 4th!

Calvin spent the weekend leading up to the 4th at his Saba and Safta's house. He got to play in the sand and water with his new friend Corey. We got to take advantage of built in baby sitters to have two date nights! One for adult fireworks with Amy and John, and the second for Lobster and a movie with Matt and Lisa, who it was also great to see! Then on Sunday we had the added pleasure of seeing Calvin's great great Aunt and Uncle too. What a whirl wind! Mom, baby and Grandma are now in CA for a tradeshow leaving this dad to blog solo, enjoy. . .