Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Cal is loving rice cereal now. He roots into the spoon and makes umm noises. This week we introduced peas. How much does he love them? Not so much. He made a squinched up face that was very funny. He is sitting up for 30 seconds on his own now, and has rolled over 3 times. He is sucking & playing with his fingers, drooling up a storm, grasping at toys, and smiling huge smiles. We had a nice relaxing weekend, having dinner again at the Ehring house followed by Thomas & Cynthias the next night. Tuesday the Delacruz's came by and brought Dan a Happy B-Day icecream cake. We got to celebrate again, what fun! Today Dan went skiing w/ John, and I went to new moms group, followed by working at home. Luckily Cal took a 3 hour nap which helped me there.