Sunday, January 08, 2006

Georgia Rose, Dinas', and the Nursing Strike

We have one stubborn boy. Yesterday, I fed Cal at 8:00 am, and then we went to Mark & Ellens' to meet Miss Cutey Pie Georgia Rose, bottles & milk in tow. Our job for the day was no more nursing, just feeding by the bottle. Mark, a pediatric surgeon, was a huge help in keeping us more stubborn than Cal. By 11:00, Cal started to get hungry, and we started the real challenge of the day. Thank goodness Mark & El were okay with his shrieks, they were only heartbreaking to me and Dan. We spent the day there, El even had an extra pump & parts, and they helped us stay strong. We came home briefly before going to dinner at Dinas'. We have the greatest friends! Not only do they cook for us, but they let us bring a crying infant along too! ;-) Cal was fighting the bottle still by 9:00 pm, and I was starting to give up hope for the day, even though I knew he was hungry. He would battle us screaming, then pass out for a bit. By 10:00, when he woke hungry again, I warmed another bottle, and shhhed him, and swung him on my knees, and as he was batting the bottle away, Dan held it by his side, and I put the nipple in his mouth, and all of a sudden he started to suck! He drank the whole thing, 3 ounces or so, and then contentedly passed out. We brought him home at 11:00, and he is still sleeping now, a sleep record of 8 hours straight. Dan keeps going in to poke him to make sure he is still alive, he must have been exhausted from yesterday. Today, we plan to continue the nursing strike until he is consistently accepting the bottle too. Hopefully he will accept it sooner in the day than yesterday.


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