Friday, August 12, 2005

Arm twisted, tonge in cheek...

Alright, I'm back today was a day off from work for me. What did I do with a day off? My honey-do list of course! I spent a large part of my morning at my nemesis, home despot buying all manner of implements. Ok, so I bought a new lock set for the bathroom (Amy wanted something that can be locked/latched) caulk and a fun new light switch cover for the nursery (see above).

So mostly I spent the morning caulking around our new kitchen countertop, and sealing our tub which seems to have settled some and caused the new grout to crack, but I did install the new lockset (which Amy likes) and the switch cover above.

All this before a quick shower at 2:45 so that I could meet Amy at her doctor's appointment, which she passed with flying colors. She once again measured right on the money for the end of our 36th week, meaning that the baby is growing as expected and should not be too big!!


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