Thursday, December 21, 2006

15 months

I love when he sticks his arms up for me - its most pronounced when I pick him up from daycare. His arms can't go up in the air any quicker when he sees me walk through the door. He is offically toddling, and beginning to talk some. He does many gestures for things - the sun, milk, spider, more, lights, favorite songs and clapping, but he gets through any miscommunication by going eh eh ah eh eh while reaching for whatever he is eager to touch or drink or play with. First words include mama dada more baa (for dog and ball) ellis this that touch. He loves playing with trains and ride on vehicles and balls. His favorite songs include the eensy weensy spider, row row your boat, and a song about a choo choo thats coming down the track. We learned a second verse of row row your boat about what happens when you see an alligator - and Calvin now deliberately SCREAMS when the alligator verse comes - its very cute and funny. He also has such a sense of humor. He puts all his toys on his head to make you laugh, and takes delight in being silly. He also will lay on the floor screaching while pretending to tickle himself until someone finally does ;-)


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