Monday, November 27, 2006


This month has flown by, and Calvin is now walking over 20 steps at a time, looking like a drunken sailor as he tots from one side of the house to the other. He takes great delight in being silly and loves to shake his head really fast and create various noises. He loves music, strumming the guitar and banging on the drums are favorite pastimes, building blocks and sorting activities can keep him entertained for a long time. He has become a pro at gestures this week, and not only does the babysigns for more and milk, he can now sign the inzy weenzy spider and also tickles himself and squeals when he wants to be tickled, and points to items that he wants to touch. He has also begun feeding himself with a fork, and almost has it down pat. This week, he had an almost 2 year moment in a restaurant - shreiking so he can be near the goldfish tank. We became those embarrassed parents you always feel bad for. We left pretty quick after that. He is so much fun though, we laugh alot, and he loves cuddles.


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