Thursday, August 17, 2006


The past two weeks Cal has been excelling in everything.

Language: this morning I said Yeah, and he said Yeah, and we repeated it back and forth to each other. He has been doing this game for a while - although still needs to practice the correct pronunciation for most of them ;-) He also loves giggle festivals, and will copy a laugh, and we could go back and forth laughing at each other for a few minutes.

Movement: He finally has mastered the crawl, and no longer stop, drop, and rolls. As soon as he learned he could really crawl,he began to really climb, and now we are in big trouble! He pulls up and stands at the coffee table and couch and walks along it. Really crusing! Nothing is safe from his grasp, and my piles of mail and papers can get scattered and torn into soggy bits if left within his reach. He also dances and loves music - he will drum, strum a guitar, or shake a maraca very contentedly.

Electronics: Anything that beeps,plays music, has buttons, lights up, or makes noise are all his favorites, and he doesn't like to share. This morning he decided the remote control was his - and we had to distract with something else. Then he found the phone - another intervention was needed. Finally I gave him his xylophone and he played happilly while I hid the contraband.


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