Thursday, June 29, 2006

We click

Calvin is making adorable clicking noises, and we click together pretty often. Also, he's begun waving hello and goodbye, and clapping! he is sitting up by himself, and also getting down to the floor from sitting position too. I am starting to get nervous with him on the bed because he is becoming so mobile, and reaching, twisting and turning to whereever he wants to go. I dropped him on his head for the first time this week - and thank goodness he was laughing again after 5 minutes. I was the one that was shaken up from the experience. Dan babysat Cal all day today, and brought Cal in to my work to see me at lunch time. There was a Curious George party, and when the costumed George came to give Cal a hug, Cal got really scared and cried loudly, so no clowns at the birthday party ;-)