Monday, December 12, 2005

Long time no post...

Sorry for being a slacker, Cal has been a bit more fusy these days. Lets see, Friday, we got together with a bunch of 'GBHers and their kids for a play group. It was fun to see everyone, and 'GBH will be starting again after New Years, so a great time to reconnect. There was also a serious blizzard going on in Boston - Snow and loud thunder - what a combo. When Dan came home, he shoveled our driveway for over 2 hours - until his arms couldn't lift anymore snow. Saturday we went to the Epsteins for Ana-Natalias B-day party, and Cal cried the whole time. By the time we got home he calmed down, so we went to Julie's cocktail party where he slept the whole time, and I had a vodka drink - WHAT FUN! I hadn't had vodka since before the pregnancy, so what a treat. I was very happy that night ;-) Then Sunday I had a baby wearing meeting, where I learned more wrapping techniques to use with Calvin on my back and on my hip. Jackie came for lunch, and Cynthia joined us for dinner at Harvest. Yumm.


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