Thursday, September 29, 2005

What a busy first week for us

Calvin and I have been keeping very busy. Monday afternoon we finally ventured out of the house, and visited with friends at 'GBH. It was a very brief encounter, as I did not want Calvin to wake up from his nap there just yet. Tuesday, Auntie V came over and went to lunch at Panera, and Target with us for a diaper run, and yesterday, Calvin and I attended a 'Mommy and Me' new moms group for children from birth to 12 months, and it was fantastic. It was really fun seeing all the children and comparing their development. Calvin was the youngest at 3 weeks, but there were some other 1 month olds there. One child had just turned 12 months and graduated from the group the same day. I plan to go back to this group as often as I can. Also we are taking long walks every afternoon, and friends keep visiting in the evenings to get a closer look at Mr. Monkey, who is getting cuter and cuter each day.


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