Sunday, April 16, 2006

First Tooth

Cal went with me and Dan to Anaheim, CA last week. I was working a tradeshow, and Dad was the manny. We had a great time, and while we were there, Dad and Cal went to Disneyland and hung out at the show. On Calvins 7 month B-day, April 8, Calvin got his first tooth. Then that night, we had dinner with Harold and Virginia, and then slept at Cousin Donna's house. We got back Sunday night, and Monday, Cal & I went to visit Aunty Sissy, Uncle Ed, and Baby Jude. Jude was so cute, and Cal smiled each time he looked at him. We celebrated passover at Aunt Jane and Uncle Ivans, and then went to CT the next day to Saba and Softa's house. We are now home, and just enjoying staying in one place for the weekend.