Monday, July 25, 2005

The Prayer

We had a really nice weekend. Rena came up Friday evening, Saturday morning we had a great breakfast at Cousin Ellens, Dan happily got to ride Marks motorcycle, then back to the house for painting stuff, then fabulous party at Dina's, John yelled at Dan for riding the motorcycle, we all ate Dina's amazing cuisine, afterwards Rena and I finally had a much needed heart to heart, Sunday morning Re finished the mural, and then we had some guests over for yummy lunch and mural show and tell, then off to Mike and Marjorie and Baby Izzy's new house, and finally as the final meal, to Ed and V's house for amazing dinner made by V's mom. The whole weekend was action packed and wonderful.
V's mom bestowed upon me a buddist prayer bracelet for a positive, swift, and easy delivery. While she recited the prayer, I held a piece of fruit, while Dan and Rena supported my arm. Then Dan and I shared the fruit to bind the prayer. It was a very magical experience, and I am so touched by it.


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